Payroll Outsourcing or Payroll to you

Payroll services offered can be performed in the customer’s office.

What does it mean?

We can come to your office and work together with your accounting department or HR department. We can perform payroll services using Payroll software chosen by you, we can keep, maintain and update your existing staff database. We guarantee you a high level of confidentiality of information for your business.

We can work together with your occupational health service.

We can perform consultations about set labor and other Payroll issues by coming to you at any time convenient for you.

What we offer is our knowledge, time and abilities.

We offer you outsourcing Payroll services.

What does it mean?

Outsourcing by its nature involves the contracting out of activities that are an integral part of the business of the company, but are non-core activities, to another party. Administration of staff and calculation of salaries are an important part of any business.

We can perform outsourcing of all Payroll services. We can perform external administration of your staff and calculation of remunerations for your employees.

By outsourcing Payroll services, we guarantee a high level of confidentiality of salary levels for our customers. We offer you a professional payroll service for calculation of remunerations, performed by very good experts.

If you have any questions or wish to inquire about an offer letter, you can use our contact form.

  • Providing professional advice and preparing all documents needed for conclusion, modification and termination of employment contracts

  • Registering employment contracts, additional agreements and employment contracts terminations at National Revenue Agency (Bulgarian NAP)

  • Providing consultations and working out job descriptions, including all amendments into them.

  • Creating and keeping records of our clients’ employees

  • Keeping registers of employment records

  • Completing professional experience into employment record books

  • Permanent positions list drawing out

  • Providing consultations on specific cases occurred

  • Management and control agreements work out

  • Freelance contracts work out including remuneration forms to them

  • Filling out and submitting annual tax returns (declarations) for individuals

  • Completing insurance record into social security books and social security books certification

  • Employees’ wages calculation

  • Employees’ social benefits calculation

  • Processing and calculations of leaves and sick leaves

  • Working schedules work out

  • Pay slips compilation

  • Pay-roll sheets drawing up

  • Drawing up summary statements and statements for payables to the National Revenue Agency

  • Drawing up references to paid leaves taken by employees

  • Drawing up companies’ statement expenditure on labor and social security

  • Issuing certificates to employees and Applications for grating pensions (form UP-1)

  • Submitting sick notes / documents for temporary incapacity for work/ to National Social Security Institute (Bulgarian NOI)

  • Preparing and submitting Application-Declaration 1 and Application-Declaration 6 to National Revenue Agency

  • Completing and submitting payment documents to commitments to the National Revenue Agency related to social security contributions and payments on tax under the Law on Personal Income Tax

  • Preparing payment documents for wages payments

  • Representing our clients before Social security and Tax authorities and before Labor Inspectorate in relation to inspections and audits carried out

  • Interior occupational regulations drawing up

  • Interior wages rules drawing up

  • Working out occupational safety instructions

  • Working out initial instructions program and workplace instructions

  • Instructions books check-up and verification

  • Drawing up companies’ internal orders as per the Law on Occupational Health and Safety

  • Completing and submitting Application (Declaration) as per Art.15 of the Law on Occupational Health and Safety

  • Proving intermediation with occupational health services